Tailor-made Terms & Conditions

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Do you struggle with clients? Briefs keep changing? Don’t get paid on time? They ask for innumerable changes? They don’t often trust your work? Is your time not valued enough? Are you feeling burnt out with clients?
Don’t worry, I’ve been there too.
I’m Pranita Kocharekar, an illustrator, designer & art director. I’ve been working independently in the creative industry for 8 years. I’ve worked with many clients, through many projects & made many mistakes! And I’m spilling all the tea in this session!

When? 24th June, 2023 / Saturday
What time? 11 - 1.30 pm
Where? Zoom (you will receive the link one day prior) 

What will you learn in this session?
- Writing your own Terms & Conditions!
- Why we need terms & conditions
- How to get paid on time
- How to create an invoice
- How to make your client trust your work
- How to avoid too many changes
- How to protect yourself

What you will not learn in this session?
- How to get clients
- How to price your work
- How to negotiate
(This will be covered in another session soon!)

Who can join?
Creative freelancers (Illustrators, Lettering Artists, Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Writers, Creative professionals who work on retainers, etc.)

By the end of the session, you will receive:
- Dummy Invoice
- Worksheet with prompts to build your own T&C
- Lots of knowledge & a small surprise :) 

1. By paying for this session, you are agreeing to use the contents of this workshop only for personal education. The content cannot be shared with others for monetary gains.
2. No recordings will be shared after the session ends.
3. Please ignore the delivery date feature, this is an online product.

This workshop is non-refundable however if you can’t make it, you can gift it to a friend but drop me an email with your friend’s details!

Customer Reviews

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Nandini G
Empowering, can make my process as a freelancer smoother

I loved the session so much, Pranita! It was empowering and packed with some of the information you need to build your own terms and conditions! I have much more clarity about where I was going wrong and how I can make my process as a freelancer smoother😄

One doesn't know they need a TnC session until one attends this insightful & detailed workshop

One doesn't know they need a TnC session until one attends Pranita's highly insightful and detailed workshop. From how to phrase our emails to our client to highly helpful tips with each point, this session was eye-opening for me. We, as newbie freelancers, don't realise the number of things we do wrong. There's no article or youtube video which I did not go through when I started off as a freelancer. But, trust me when I say this, Pranita's session had everything I was looking for. It answered all of my questions. Pranita herself was extremely patient and made sure she took her time to explain things to us using her own experiences as well, which, for me personally, was super helpful. She patiently answered all of our questions. Overall, HIGHLY recommend this class to newbie freelancers, people who are struggling to talk to their clients, or those who deal with difficult clients. :) I know I won't be making the same mistakes again, ever! :)

Helped me realize the importance of protecting not just my work but also me as an artist.

This session helped me realize the importance of protecting not just my work but also me as an artist. It was really insightful and a learning experience for me. Pranita was so good at breaking down each topic and explaining the importance of it. Loved the whole session and I can't wait to hear about many more exciting sessions ❤ 🙌

Boski Jain
Very 'right on the point' session

Very 'right on the point' session. Lots of relatable and aspirational content.

Dr. Tanaya Narendra
Left feeling like I’ve learnt a lot

Really thorough, enjoyable, and well structured. Left feeling like I’ve learnt a lot