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For those who express freely, who challenge growth,
For those who allow shifts, who like to flow,
For those who pause, who breathe, who let go,
At Piko, we celebrate you. 

Dream big this 2024

A DIY multi-purpose calendar that opens up into a secret storage paper box. Keep your tiny desk accessories like clips, pins, erasers, etc. inside the box to have a clutter-free desk!

Tiny books for big ideas

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Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Is it possible that the planner makes you have a better year!!?
We’ll if it’s Piko's planner it sure does 🥰
Organising my life has never felt more satisfying. And my favourite part-the gentle reminders that come with every month.
Love love love me a good ol Piko planner. Thank you for always bringing sweet meaning to every new month, year after year, only better. ❤️
— Chandni Sareen / Stylist, Model, Entrepreneur
Customer reviews
I literally cannot imagine going through my day without the planner! The calendar is always on my desk, the artwork is the best kind of pick-me-up possible 😃
I’ve been using these for years now and they are also my favorite gifts for friends and family, cause I really believe that everyone should have that lil doze of sunniness that this brand provides 💛
— Sama Ankolkar / Educator & Entrepreneur
Customer reviews
Pranita puts her emotions and work on her mental health into imaginative drawings that are simple and strong. Her products take you on a journey through her evolution as an artist and as a person. Every single visual and messaging on her product is extremely mindful and sincere, which makes it relatable. Her calendars are something you should collect for eternity and pass it as heirlooms 💫
— Jinesh & Charu Bagadia / Artists
Customer reviews
I was feeling very overwhelmed and then I journaled. What you have made is magic. I’m not someone who can free write, the prompts are just life changing 💜
— Jahanvi Goel / Entrepreneur
Customer reviews
If someone can add excitement to your monotonous life, that's Piko. The quirky illustrations and thoughtfully designed merch go beyond just aesthetics. These come with Pranita's good vibes which is so wholesome. It is not something you just use, it's something you live. Pranita is not just an artist, she is a vibe - so full of smiles, self-love, care, reflections and so many feel good moments. She is magic and my absolute favourite. What a gem to have stumbled upon ♥️💫
— Megha Mangal / Graphic Designer
Customer reviews
Using Piko’s planner was a game changer! As someone who loves documenting their life, I didn’t know there were so many areas I could enjoy documenting and see patterns in my own life! Magic!!!
— Dr. Tanaya / Dr. Cuterus