Our founder / Pranita Kocharekar

Pranita is a designer & illustrator based in Mumbai, India. She has worked in the print & digital advertising industry with renowned clients for 8 years. In 2018, she began selling her products to a small audience. Over the years, she organically sold over 10,000+ products.

Pranita Kocharekar  grew up in a family full of artists where the walls of her home became her canvas. As she grew older, she learnt the language of visuals and as of today excels at expressing herself through visuals. She
 wanted to be an entrepreneur since the age of 6. Along with a friend, she drew hand made cards for all occasions and set up a pop-up shop. Carrying forward this childhood dream, Pranita launched Piko. 

For those who express freely & live boldly.
There’s something for everyone.

Our Philosophy
Our products are inspired by our lifestyle.
We challenge our thoughts & ideas,
We believe in celebrating our truest essence,
With confidence, with humour, with love.
We design products that help design life.
Piko is an artist led shop for thoughtful gifting.